Small Batch Micro Roasting

Making amazing world class coffee at home is simple and fun! It all starts with high quality, modern and fresh roasted coffee beans.

Micro Roasted in Small Batches Remedy Coffee focuses on Single Origin and Unique Coffees with a focus on showcasing the flavour profiles of the coffee beans,  the growing region and the farms.

Remedy Coffee will feature a rotating selection of direct trade coffees from small farms. With a focus on single origin and traceable specialty coffees from the best coffee producing regions in the world. 

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur seeking the daily ritual of premium coffee or simply looking for a delicious cup of coffee Remedy is a great choice.

Hand crafted Pour Over, French Press, AeroPress, Espresso or Filter Coffee.
There are so many exciting, interesting and simple ways to indulge yourself in spectacular coffee.

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How it Works - coming soon!

Online Ordering Coming in 2024

Choose a monthly subscription, order one or two bags and you will receive your beans directly to your door –or– choose prepaid for a one time purchase and order what you like and you will receive your beans directly to your door.

Local Nanaimo and area orders we will be hand delivered, safely and contactless.
Every feature roast is guaranteed to be fresh, exciting and delicious.

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Our Story

It took a while

In 2019 I opened a little café called Remedy Coffee Bar in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Eight months later Covid happened. During lock down I had time to rethink and re-adjust some things. I savoured the time with our four-year-old son, learned the importance of family and decided to refocus my priorities.

 I still have a fascination and passion for coffee, coffee culture and microroasters. I Decided to learn how to roast coffee myself with a focus on direct trade, traceable and outstanding modern coffees.

This is when the idea for the Remedy Coffee Box was born!

Small Batch - Micro Roasted

Remedy Coffee will focus on Direct Trade, Single Origin an Quality Coffees from  the best coffee producing regions around the world.

Roasted is small batches with a passion to showcase the distinct flavours and unique characteristics of each coffee.

Every Coffee tells a story reflecting the complex factors that make them special, from the varietal of the bean, to the climate, soil and altitude of the growing region, to the care and skill of the farmer.

The Future

Thanks for supporting Remedy Coffee Box. We are a small Nanaimo based family run business. If there is something you need or are interested in let us know!