Drumroaster Coffee is a family owned and operated Coffee Roastery and Café in Cobble Hill, BC, serving delicious coffee since 2007.

Coffee is being harvested in many different countries between the two tropics around the world. As it is a seasonal agricultural crop, it is susceptible to environmental impacts and changes from year to year.

We aim to focus our sourcing efforts on a select few countries that we feel can offer us consistent quality, desirable flavour profiles and solid relationships. These countries are Colombia, Ethiopia, Peru, Kenya, and Guatemala. Our offerings aren't exclusive to these countries, as we love delicious coffee, regardless of its origin, but we want to be able to offer stable volume to our existing relationships.

We've found in our travels sourcing coffees that the largest impact to improving the livelihood of coffee producing communities is simple. Pay more for coffee. Of course, this comes with the expectation that rewarding higher quality, by asking for more diligent picking, processing and storage, costs more. It has become obvious that rewarding exceptional producers with higher prices, allowing them to improve year after year, is a sustainable and mutually beneficial strategy.

As a coffee drinker, you can be sure that the coffees you purchase from us are sourced ethically, from producers who care as much as we do about the quality in your cup. 

Over time, you'll notice fresh coffees from the same farms, as we have years long relationships with many producers, but we're always looking for new, exciting producers who are looking to make a difference by raising their quality.

To learn more about Drumroaster Coffee visit www.drumroaster.com