Amazing coffee is just one small part of who we are. To us, coffee represents an incredible opportunity to positively change people’s lives, through meaningful connection and generous servitude. It’s about leaving things better each day- for our people, our relationships and our environment. And, if we can spark someone’s imagination around what coffee can be along the way, then we’ve done our jobs.

We work closely with our partners to understand their needs and build quality coffee together. We believe that each time we buy coffee from a farm, it should build their capacity, our understanding and leave them better off than before. We hope to create a community based on trust and support that builds quality in a sustainable way.

 Every season, we pride ourselves on being able to present to you some of the world’s most delicious coffees, freshly harvested and processed by people who care deeply about producing exceptional coffee for you and I.

The heartbeat of our coffee program is our commitment towards an exceptional level of coffee quality, working with producers that approach everything they do with excellence. These are coffees that are not only incredibly sweet, clean and balanced, but have wonderfully expressive intensity of flavour that tell the story of the variety, processing, soil and effort behind them.

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